Way to go Alex & Stephen! What a Wedding Reception!!!
Best wishes to Wendi & Glen! 
Mike & Angie Celebrating at the Long Row Plantation
Ashley & Casey celebrate their big day at the Richmond Country Club! 
It was an honor to play this celebration! Celebrating 50 years of marriage...Joan & Berk!!!
After a fun reception...Robyn and Kevin get ready for a Honeymoon in Myrtle Beach!
There is a first time for everything! Yes...I found myself on the dance floor with the bride (Mandy) during the reception. I'm still trying to figure out how this happened! I think the bride's MOM had something to do with this!!!
Family & Friends travel near and (very) far to celebrate with Sarah and Dealvon in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
I really didn't think it was possible for this reception to end! Thanks to Corey & Matt for a great time! 
I'm starting to end up in more pictures! How is this happening?
It's amazing how a 50 year Anniversary Party can help get you to the alter! A Big Congratulations To Kim & John!
Heather & Lars (below) throwing a Big Party before heading off to St. Thomas!
Garick & Katie getting set to take-off after a great reception at Willow Manor!
Jonathon & Yizel wrapping up their big event at The Dellwood Plantation! 
It was a pleasure to wrap up 2005 with Kristen and Adam, at Kiln Creek Country Club.
Thanks to Myra & Troy, for having me out to play for their Big Day! 
Erin & Billy (left) celebrate their Big Day at The Mill At Fine Creek.
Amanda & Dan...in the process of being toasted...or maybe roasted.
Amber and Jarad indulging in one awesome looking cake...to the right...the Wedding is over - time for a quick picture before the reception.
Lisa & Johnny - Jasmine Plantation
Marian & Randy - At the Country Club of Virginia
Greer & Paul 
Holly & Josh - November 18 (right)

 And a quote from Josh..."Go Redskins!"
Sarah & Mike winding down at their reception before heading off on a week long cruise.
Angie & Ray - Party on Saturday night - Start the Honeymoon in Vegas the next day!
Erin & Dan...wrapping up...and heading out after a reception at Apple Blossom Plantation. 
Leslie & Todd at the Acca Temple...and Todd preparing for his first-ever airplane ride!
Rebecca & Justin celebrating at Apple Blossom Plantation. The little guy - he stayed up way past his bedtime to show everyone how to break-dance. He's the master at it!
Sara & Cory wrapping up at their reception. The Groom did have a tux on earlier...until he was thrown in the pool during dinner!
Kristina & Marcus at The Williamsburg Lodge.
The Cavaliers Of UVA...Partying into the night at Erin & Bryan's Wedding Reception!
Super Bowl Weekend at the Crown Plaza, Williamsburg. And it snowed...and snowed...and snowed. The reception went off without a hitch! Mike & Jen (above) getting in one final dance before the night ends!
Alison & Mitch at The Salisbury Country Club
Nothing like having extra help at a gig! A BIG Thanks to Owen & Shane...all the way from Pennsylvania!